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El Juego del Pañuelo, ¡en inglés!

Hoy, para los English Teachers, os describimos cómo se llama y cómo se juega al “Juego del Pañuelo”, en inglés. Aprovechadlo durante vuestras sesiones y practicadlo in english; también para los monitores de campamentos de verano.

En el Reino Unido, este juego se llama "Steal the Flingsock" y se juega:

  1. Pick a referee and then divide into two teams. Line up about 20 feet across from each other and spread out about three to four feet apart. The FlingSock is placed in the center of the play area. Have each team count off so that each player has a number - one, two, three and so on. You can even pick topics like wolves, foxes, bears, etc.
  2. The referee will start the game by calling out one set like number one. From both teams a player will come out and try to steal the FlingSock without being tagged. The first one to grab the FlingSock and get back across his/her line without being tagged by the other player earns a point. If you are tagged while stealing the other team receives the point. Play up to 20 - 25 points.
Otra variante de éste lo llaman "Steal the bacon", que sigue más o menos las mismas reglas:

  1. Divide the players into two equal teams and line them up facing one another, about 15 feet apart (players in line should be about 5 feet apart). Starting at the right end of each line, have the players count off down their line, so those with the same numbers are diagonally across from each other.
  2. Place the bacon (the stick, ball, or bandanna) in the center of the space between the two lines; this is the bacon.
  3. To start the game, call out a number or the name of an animal. The players who share that number must race to grab the stick and get back to their places without being tagged by the opposing player. The player receives a point each time he makes it home safe; if they don't, the stick is returned to the center. The game continues in this fashion until the first team reaches the predetermined number of points.
Por otra parte, en los Estados Unidos, hay un juego que se llama "Drop the Handerkerchief”, aunque algo diferente, que se juega:

  1. Players are in a circle and the person who is "it" walks around behind the other players with a handkerchief and selects any player he wishes and drops the handerchief behind that person. The person who is it attempts to circle the group and reach the spot vacated by the person behind whom he dropped the handerkerchief before that person who must pick up the handkerchief and chase him catches and touches him.

      Además, hay otro juego muy similar que se llama "Blackman" y que también lo podéis utilizar:

  1. Two equal groups lined up in two lines about 25 yards from each other and a person who is in the middle. The two groups of people run from one line to the other at will. The person in the middle attempts to touch them after which they stay in the middle. This continues until all are caught and everybody is caught.

Esperando que estas ideas sean de vuestro interés, nos despedimos hasta la próxima.

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  1. Excelente información acerca de los juegos, muchísimas gracias!!